2019 The best Netflix movies, you can download and watch at any time

2019 The best Netflix movies, you can download and watch at any time

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1. Snowpiercer

Bong Joon Ho’s first English film is a strange little beast. After the Ice Age Era revelation triggered by the failure of climate control experiments, the entire film took place within a global train that was inhabited by a few survivors. For class warfare, without too subtle rotation, Snowpiercer follows the desperate residents behind the lower layers of the train, where they rely on a disgusting gelatinous nutrient stick (when it’s really terrible, worse) They launched a violent coup against the privilege in front of the train, indulging the elite. Chris Evans turned the charm and command of his Captain America into the darkest incarnation, like the head of the rebellion, Curtis, who led the allegations of taking over the engine room. Along the way, Snowpiercer traverses the caste system of the train carriages. Each new car is a bizarre, fully rendered habitat of its own, and depicts a microscopic picture of a distorted society that is completely contained on a train. It also includes some visceral battle scenes and full-time performances by Tilda Swinton and is almost guaranteed to be an avid classic.

2.The Matrix

It is not an understatement to say that the "Matrix" has completely changed the action movie. The all-original sci-fi action film from the filmmaking brothers Wachowskis presents a world and a unique story that is so eye-catching that it takes a minute to understand what you are actually looking at. The story of Neo (Kinu Reeves) gradually understands that he lives in a simulated reality, and in the real world, human beings are basically the batteries used by machines, which are both epic and intimate. Wachowskis' visual narrative techniques capture your throat and never give up, from the eye-catching "bullet time" to the crazy crazy battle sequence against gravity. Most importantly, the film spread a large number of philosophical and religious issues on the subject, challenging the way the audience thinks. So yes, you can say that the Matrix is one of the greatest movies of all time.

3. Moonlight

As the winner of the 2017 Oscar for Best Picture, Moonlight is an amazing film achievement, an adult story, and an upcoming story. The structure of the triptych, the film is divided into three parts, each part is concentrated in the different stages of the life of a young black man named Kailongxing. We saw how the events in his life shaped him into a man he became, from his addicted mother to his benevolent but sinful father, to his first experience of sexual orientation. Barry Jenkins is in a very good direction and the performance is shocking because you feel that the three different actors who play the Chiron are living in the same role - this is no easy task. From the beginning to the end, this is an extraordinary achievement, an extremely touching story that ends up being universal: how does our life experience shape us into adults? In addition to the best film, the film also won the best adaptation of the Oscar-winning script and Marshall Ali's best supporting role.

4. National Treasure

If you are looking for an undeniable movie, it will definitely make a smile on your face, that is, the national treasure. This movie has no pretense about what it is or what it wants to be. It knew the plot was a bit ridiculous, but Nicholas Cage sold it anyway. Cage plays an American historian and treasure hunter who eventually steals the Declaration of Independence after a series of unfortunate events, which happens to be a secret treasure map behind it. No one has been in the past few centuries. Find. The film moves at a brisk, fun speed, reminiscent of the ocean's eleventh. Although historical fans may have doubts about certain details, there is no denying that they should follow these characters when they are looking for clues.

5. The Dark Knight

One of the best superhero movies of all time, the complete Dark Knight is a masterpiece. Christopher Nolan successfully introduced to the world the idea of a "tough restart" with Batman Bekins, but for follow-up, he produced an epic, amazing, downright and exciting Upgrade the story. Heath Ledger's view of The Joker is iconic, offering a mysterious villain who has always thrown Christian Bale's Batman. Then you have Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent because The Dark Knight creates a full, full and heartbreaking arc for this Bruce Wayne foil. Most importantly, Nolan basically produced a movie about the post-911 world, in which the "bad guys" battle will only lead to greater and more serious damage. How do you face an enemy who just wants to see the world burning? For one reason, the Dark Knight has been in public consciousness for ten years, and it is still the best in the face of the upcoming superhero movie.


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