Free download Top 12 basketball-training videos from youtube

Today’s aspiring young basketball players have the greatest number of learning and training resources ever seen. Informational resources are available in abundance – from books to websites and blogs to videos, and from camps to leagues to individual instruction,  This post is going to highlight video resources with 12 YouTube basketball training videos that are available online for everyone and are free.

The YouTube basketball videos highlighted here cover basketball drills, training tips, plays and strategy. There is a wealth of basketball resources on YouTube but unfortunately the quality (and number of ads) can vary significantly. We have combed through a large number of videos to come up with the best combination of quality content, clear video and minimal number of ads. However, sometime there are trade-offs.

1.   A Free Lesson With Kobe Bryant – Run Time: 7:36

L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant provides a set of basketball lessons useful to players at all levels. Topics covered include: Basic shooting form, grip of the ball, how to sell the fake, how to attack the foot, shooting a pull up jump shot, The Art of the Foul Shot, Play to the Opponents Weakness, and the importance of stretching.

2.   How to Turn Around A Bad Game | featuring Rachel DeMita  – Run time:  3:44

Everyone has a bad game once in a while. Former D1 player & current NBA2KTV host Rachel DeMita provides some insights and tips for how to turn things around when having a bad game and not letting things get worse. Some good tips.

3.   How To Instantly “Jump Higher” To Dunk A Basketball – Run time:  3:05

Your vertical jump is an important aspect of every basketball players game and is also important in many other sports. This video is the first of two parts that show you very useful vertical jump exercises.

4.   How To “Jump Higher” In Basketball – Part II – Run time: 2:34

This is Part II of the “learn how to jump higher” videos. These exercises are more advanced and designed to help players become more explosive and athletic.

Now,when you watched the videos, or if your has not itme to watch time, need watch it offline, we will introduce a tools to help you.

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After the installation, double click on the program icon to run the program on your PC. In the main interface, you will see "Download" and "Online Video" tabs, which can help you to download video easily.​ In this guide, click on the Fox website link.

Step 3.  Go To find what's game to watch, and copy the URL, for example like this page:

copy the url and then go back to fox video downloader, click the "paste" button, 

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step4. waitting the task complete. and then you can copy it to you iphone, or other mobile, and enjoy watch it anywhere.



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