How to Download From YouTube using Downloader

The youtube world has become one of the most used interfaces of all times, especially when it comes to the aspect of streaming live videos. However, with the new influx that came with other web streaming platforms, especially when it comes to the download of videos that they see on the online, the youtube website has also incorporated new features that allow users to download the videos that they stream on the online. While the new option has gained a lot of encomiums, many people have faulted the download feature with the fact that it does not allow people to download videos like they would love to, and it does not allow them to keep as much videos as they would love to on their gadgets. You can use YouTube Video Downloader if you want to download videos.

However, just like in every other form of business venture, the weakness of one business is about the same strength of another and this weakness in terms of youtube download options is what has led to the new spring of youtube video download applications that we find everywhere now. While this is the new trend to the stream world, it is worthy of mention to note that not all stream download applications are the best for all gadgets and this is the more reason why one has to be very careful when selecting a stream download application that one would like to use in terms of downloading online videos into respective gadgets.

The best youtube downloader for all gadgets

The best youtube downloader that we selected for all gadgets is not based on the proximity to be found on google option, but rather because the application can be easily used on any device without adulterating the quality of the choice video that one intends to download. The name of the choice best downloader is called the y2mate application and it can be easily gotten on the website for easy access to videos on the youtube online platform.

When you have finally made it to the point of downloading the application on your gadget, the first thing that you would see on the application is the option that you need to input in other to enable you to use the application to download any kind of video that you would love to download. The option is to input the word "pp" after the youtube in the link that you must have copied from the video on the youtube platform. This option is considered the fastest way to go about downloading videos and mp3 formats of videos on your gadgets.

Over the years, people have also complained about this option not been effective on their devices, and this is why the application has been redesigned with new features to enable everyone to be able to download whatever video they need to download. The first step with the new feature is just like in a previous way; you copy the link of the video from the youtube website and then you input it in the URL space which was provided on the application. After you must have done that, you would see the option to click on which format you would like the video to be in. After you must have selected the option that allows you to pick a format, you would see the download option pop up. It is this download option that you would then use to download the video that you intend to download.

Also, as opposed to other forms of downloaders, this application is peculiar in the sense that it allows you to convert one video from the original form in which it was when you download it, to other options that suit your taste. When you copy the link of the video and you must have pasted it on the application, the next step is to make sure that you click on the start button which is an option that the application brings which you paste the link. After you must have clicked on the start button, you might need to select a format in which you would like the video to be converted into and then you click on the download option subsequently.

This application has been utilized by many people from all over the world and the reason for this is because of the easy interface of the application and the friendliness of the options on the interface. The application can also be used in every language, thus ensuring that you relate with the interface based on your language of choice.

Unlike the typical youtube download option that allows you to download limited videos, this application allows you to download videos in their unlimited form. This application also makes it easy for you to save videos directly on your devices and also share with as many friends as you might like.

The uniqueness of this application comes with respect to the high-speed converter of the application. The application easily converts videos in such a way that they are faster than when you first downloaded the videos. What is more, is the fact that all of the videos that you download on this application are all free, you need not pay for any video that you would like to download.

Also, the application makes it easy to convert videos and the need to have the application on all of your gadgets.


The best video downloaders would never ask you to pay for using the application to download videos and the y2mate comes with a full pack of options that would immediately help you to love the application. The aim of the application is not to undermine the usefulness of the youtube download option but to make you realize that even though you can download on youtube, you can do much more with the application that you download and also the fact that you do not need to download a video if the only place where you can view the video is on your youtube application.

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