How to Download Netflix on PS3 for Free

The good thing about game consoles is that they are very versatile. You can play games, watch movies and even surf the internet. Netflix is one of the many benefits that PS3 owners can enjoy. We are going to explore how to set-up and use your game console to access Netflix. Just follow below guide on how to download Netflix on PS3 for streaming.

1. Download Netflix to PS3 to Watch Anywhere
To be able to download a video for offline viewing, you will require a video downloader. The best Netflix video downloader to use is Fox Video Downloader. It allows you to download videos from netflix and can convert them to virtually all video formats. It is three times faster than most video downloaders. Key features include saving full playlists, exporting videos to iTunes and directly downloading any videos. It also has the "download then convert" feature which allows you to download your video to the specified format. Moreover, it has the "Record" feature while allows you to record high quality videos. The "Record" feature is what you are going to use to download Netflix movies, then convert them to PS3 supported format.

Key Features of This Netflix Video Downloader:

You can use it to download any videos and convert them directly to more than 150 video and audio format.
It allows you to download many videos in a batch and then convert all of them at once with speed 3X faster.
It allows you to download the entire playlist, category or channel online with the enabled “Download All” button.
You can use it to export the videos that you have download directly to your iTunes library so that you can sync them to your iPad, iPhone and iPod.
It shuts down your Mac automatically or takes it into sleep mode after the download process has finished.

Step 1: Launch Netflix Downloader

Download the Netflix downloader to your computer and install it. Launch the program from the start up menu, which will take you to the main interface.

Part 2. How to Download Netflix on PS3
Step 1: First, you log in to your Playstation account. If you don't have one, scroll to the "Playstation Network" option on the main menu. Select the "Sign up for Playstation Network" and create your account.

Step 2: Once your account has been authenticated, you can scroll to the "What's new" section which is to the right of the Playstation network, Alternatively, you can navigate to the "Playstation Station Store" option and you will find the Netflix application.

Step 3: Highlight the Netflix App and press the "X" on the controller to continue with the installation process. The Netflix App will be placed in the shopping cart. Press "X" again to start the download.

Step 4: The download process will begin and you will get a download status bar on your screen. The amount of time it takes to download depends on your internet connectivity.

Step 5: Once the Netflix App downloads and installs, you should exit to the start screen. Navigate to the "Video" option then go to the Netflix icon. Press the "X" button to begin.

Step 6: You will be required to once again sign in to your Playstation account. After you sign in, the Netflix App will be loaded on your PS3. Enter your username and password for your Netflix account.

Step 7: After you are in, browse the most popular, new and several other categories for movies and documentaries. You can apply filter to select specific movies. Highlight the movie that you would like to stream and press "X". It is as easy as that.

Step 8: For fast forward, press the right button on the directional pad. To rewind, press left button on the directional pad. To pause a movie, press start button. To exit the video, press the circle button .

Part 3. How to Download Netflix on 3DS
The 3DS is a portable game console manufactured by Nitendo capable of producing 3D effects. It is not only used for playing games but can also be use to watch videos and movies. It has an inbuilt WiFi system making it possible to stream videos and movies. To download Netflix on 3DS:

Step 1: You will require a Nitendo Network ID to download Netflix.Click on the Nitendo eshop icon on the main page and search for Netfix.

Step 2: Select Netflix and choose "download". The download will begin immediately and a download status bar will appear on the screen. The download can take 2-10 minutes depending on your network connectivity.

Step 3: Once downloaded, the Netflix app will appear on the homepage.

Step 4: Launch the app and search for a specific title by pressing "Y". For fast forward or rewind, slide forward or backward on the screen along the progress bar. To exit a movie, press "B". If you want to rate a movie, tap the stars.

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