Netflix on TV: How to Watch Netflix on Smart TV or Transfer Netflix to TV

Netflix on TV: How to Watch Netflix on Smart TV or Transfer Netflix to TV

"How can I watch Netflix on TV for free?" "Is it possible for me to watch Netflix movies on TV without a Netflix app on TV?"

Many people would like to open on your Mac or download the Netflix application for your Mac OS to rent movies, purchase TV shows, watch football games and more. With a smart TV, it’s possible to watch Netflix without adding another device. Just make sure your TV supports online streaming, you can check on the latest models in the market. The good thing is that manufacturers are targeting more customers by producing upgraded products, as consumer needs changes. Therefore, you will not miss to get a TV that supports Netflix streaming. This articles then takes you through on how to watch Netflix on TV.

How to Download and Watch Netflix on TV
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Tips 1: How to Download and Set up Netflix on TV
Step 1: Connect your laptop or PC with home TV using an S-video cable:    S-composite cable is the easiest way for you to send images from PC to TV. If you do not have one at home then pick one from Radio Shark or。

Step 2: Turn on the PC and start control of NVIDIA: The NVIDIA is a controller that is going to help you send signals to the next monitor ( TV). Ensure you set it to dual display.

Step 3: Turn on television and push video feed button so as to find the PC feed: Here, you will be in a position of seeing what is displayed on the PC on your TV

Step 4: Connect the external loudspeakers to your PC: The speakers add stereo effects and boost the volume. Ensure the playback device is a real asset to the outer speaker by using the audio or volume control. If not, then just unplug and reconnect until the speakers are recognized by the PC.

Step 5: Start a Netflix movie/ video like normal: Ensure the signal of the video is sent to the TV screen. The sound will be sufficiently amplified by speakers for users enjoyment.

Step 6: Get the popcorn ready and start enjoying your favorite movies!

Tips 2: How to Watch Netflix on TV
When you have a compatible smart TV, just follow these simple steps to watch Netflix movies on TV with ease.

Connect the TV to a home network. You can do this via cable or by connecting to a wireless network.
Open your TV apps and select the Netflix app. The menu differs depending on the brand and model of your TV.
Login with your Netflix account. Use your remote to browse the movie you want to watch.
In order to watch your favorite movies on Netflix using your TV, you need to:

Have an active streaming Netflix account.
Have a smart TV, which is compatible for Netflix. Check for compatibility logo on your TV.
Have access to Internet with a bandwidth of about 15Mbs to 20Mbs.

Tips 3: Top 10 Compatible TV Brand for Netflix
The following is a list of some of the brands and models that are compatible for Netflix. Note that, there may be other ready to use models not included in the list since manufacturers keep upgrading their products.

#1. LG
The recommended LG TV that is Netflix supported is the LG 4K UHD LG TVs with webOS 3.5 with the blue-ray player and Smart TV devices that allows watching of videos directly in the LG television. It is supported in all Netflix regions and able to display Netflix interface in high resolution of 1080p. The webOS interface allows for easy navigation and switching from one application to the other that is from Netflix app to live TV.

#2. Samsung
Netflix is compatible with Samsung 7, 8, 9 and Q-Series Smart TVs. It has a Blu-ray player that allows instant streaming of quality videos and even television programs from Netflix to Samsung TV. The navigation and switching between applications and inputs are enabled and made easier by the updated Smart Hub interface. These models have the Netflix button in their remotes.

#3. Sony TV
Netflix is compatible with all Sony TV models. The Sony TVs turns on and launches Netflix with just a single press of the Netflix button on the remote. On Sony TV store you will get TVs that even support 4K that are different screen size.

#4. Apple TV
Apple TV models that come with Netflix application include the Apple TV 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation. The set-top box device in the Apple TV allows streaming of Netflix content into the Apple televisions hence able to watch directly. Apple TV has high Netflix interface resolutions of 720p and 1080p. Netflix application is found in the App Store for the Apple TV.

#5. Roku TV
You can check on SD, HD, HD-XR, XD, XDS, Roku LT, Roku 2HD, Roku 2-XDD and XS, Roku 3 and 4le with Netflix application. These models use the set-top box device to stream Netflix media into the television sets with highest Netflix interface resolution from 720-1080p.

#6. Amazon TV
Amazon fire TV stick model is the available Amazon TV that is compatible with Netflix, although, it may be supported only in few regions. It has digital media receiver application device used to stream Netflix videos, movies in the television sets, hence ability to allow watching Netflix contents directly on the TV.

#7. Nintendo
Netflix is supported by Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3D with resolution of 1080p. It is embedded with video and handheld game console devices that allow streaming, therefore, permitting direct watching into the television sets. Nintendo also supports 3D video display.

#8. TiVo
TiVo S3, HD, HD XL, premiere, and Roamio are the available TiVo models that come with Netflix application and have the ability to navigate and switch between applications within seconds. It has a resolution of 720p and has digital video recorder application that allows streaming Netflix videos and movies into television sets.

#9. Western Digital
The WD TV Live Gen 3 (2011) and WD TV play models come with Netflix application. WD also uses t that set-box device to stream Netflix contents into television sets and has high resolution of 720p and 1080p.

#10. Asus
The Nexus Player model comes with Netflix, and it also uses for Set-top box device for streaming. The nexus player has resolution display of 1080p.

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