Top 4K Content Downloaders and Providers

Top 4K Content Downloaders and Providers

Part 1. Top 4K Video Downloaders
One can say with the advancement in technology downloading YouTube 4K videos on Mac is no longer a tough task as it used to be. Whether you are using Sierra (macOS 10.12), El Capitan (macOS 10.11), Yosemite (macOS 10.10), Mavericks (macOS 10.9), Mountain Lion (macOS 10.8), Lion (macOS 10.7) or let say the latest macOS system, which in this case is High Sierra (macOS 10.13) you cannot miss to download your favorite video since there are a number of options that you can adapt to. Here is a list of all other options that you can think of when it comes to downloading 4K videos on your Mac.

#1. Best 4K Video Downloader - Fox Video Downloader

How to Download 4K Video Using Fox Video Downloader
Download 4K videos with Fox Video Downloader is one simple way that will ensure you enjoy your favorite movie without any hassle. With this software, you will be able to watch YouTube 4K ultra HD videos on your Mac without ads. Furthermore, Fox Video Downloader does more than your normal downloader in the essence does that it helps you come up with your video library on your desktop with a lot of ease in addition to saving your downloaded history. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download 4K videos with the best 4K downloader.

Step 1. Launch the software on your desktop and then go to YouTube to browse the 4K content that you want to download.
Step 2. Mouse over the video and then click the 'Download' button appear on the top right corner of the video. Then the program will automatically download it for you.

Step 3. If necessary, you can convert the videos to any format you like or transfer the files to your mobile devices.

#2. 4K Video Downloader
4K Video Downloader is considered the best since it has a number of features that they come handy for video lovers when it comes to quality and service. The ability of this downloader to get video from almost all video hosting sites has made it one of the most sought out video downloader in the market today. To add on top, it is available free despite being a powerful downloader that has no compatibility issues. It supports Intel, 64-bit processor and macOS 10.6 or later.

• It supports different languages, including English, Deutsch, Francis, Italian, Espanola, Portuguese, polski among others;
• It offers users with clear HQ to HD video grabs; 
• All its content is supported for in your iPad, iPhone or other Apple device;
• Clean of toolbars, adware and malware thus making its service enjoyable;
• It is so simple since all it takes is to copy and paste the video URL.

It downloads 4K (ultra HD) video from YouTube on Mac, after which it goes ahead and saves them on some of the know youtube video formats (MP4, MKV, FLV and 3G).

4k content downloader

#3. Video Grabber
If you are thinking of a friendly 4K video downloader for Mac, then Video Grabber is the best tool for downloading your favorite 4K videos from YouTube.

• It is a free software, meaning you will spend nothing to have it;
• The downloading process is easy. All it takes is to copy the YouTube video link and paste it into the allotted area and it will automatically download the videos; 
• A good amount of features ensures quality downloading as well as satisfactory performance;
• This software is capable of automatically detecting the video, after which a Download button appears in your browser.

When compared to some of its competitors in the market the downloading speed appears to be a little slower.

free 4k downloader

Part 2. Top 4K Content Providers
You might wondering where you can get the 4K video content the answer is simple; from some of the well-known content providers that we have around. Here is a list of list 8 providers of 4K videos.

#1. YouTube
If you are looking for 4K content to watch, YouTube is no doubt the best choice. The Google-owned video-sharing website lets users who have 4K TVs enjoy 2160p videos without any hassle. Now YouTube supports videos from 360p up to 4K, making it easier for you to select the video quality you prefer.

youtube 4k

#2. Netflix
If you need to tap to feed 4K to your new UHDTVs then Netflix will come to your rescue. Though there are a number of programs that are in this format it are true that Netflix are increasing their programs so that they have plenty of 4k formats.

youtube 4k video

#3. Samsung UHD Video Pack
This service is available to all buyers of Samsung 2014 UHDTVs.1-TB hard drive containing 8 titles, including 4K movies and 4 documentaries with the company working towards having additional ones so that the number can reach to 5o for every purchase by the end of this year. However, users can access the favorite movies through download through Samsung’s Smart Hub GUI.

#4. Amazon Instant Video
Just as net flick and Samsung Amazon Instant also provide Samsung owners an opportunity to stream 4K using the Amazon Instant Video app. Amazon 4K titles gets some of its video titles from the following studios like Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, the Discovery Channel among other noticeable names in this industry.

#5. NanoTech Entertainment
NanoTech Entertainment is among the pioneers of 4K Ultra HD in the world today. These services are provided through its NAB 4K streaming services. It has a roundup of releases that have become a major topic this year.

#6. Sony Video Unlimited 4K Service
Sony's 4K movie download service was first launched in 2013 and currently boasts of over 50 titles that one can purchase or rent. To purchase it costs ($30) and for rental propose you only need to pay ($8) per title. It is also worth mentioning that all six seasons of Breaking Bad are also on the menu.

#7. M-GO
M-GO is another service provider of 4K movies. It provides its users with 4K movies and TV shows direct streaming services to Samsung HDTVs. The main players in this venture are Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation. It is anticipated that M-GO is going to have 100 4K titles available through its Samsung Smart Hub TV app immediately it launches its online platform.

#8. Comcast
Comcast is a cable TV provider, which works in a similar way as DirecTV. It has come up with plans to stream 4K programming to Samsung UHDTVs whereby it will use subscriber-only Xfinity app. In addition the company has stated that it working towards providing all subscribers with 4K programming. It has used different programs such as Sochi Winter Olympics to highlight its intentions.

Part 3. Top 4K Movies
#1. Moneyball
This movie is about Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's who successfully attempted to bring together a baseball team on a lean budget. However he did not use the traditional method instead he opted for computer-generated analysis to recruit the payers. The movie has been mastered in 4k by Blu-ray and is available in Amazon.

4k movie

#2. The Other Guys
The other guys is a movie concerning NYPD Detectives Christopher Danson and P.K. Highsmith played by Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson. In this movie, they are the toughest as well as the most favorite cops in New York City. Is evident in the movie since they do not get tattoos instead other men get tattoos of them. This Blu-ray "Mastered in 4K" movie is available On Amazon and is a production of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

#3. The Karate Kid
The movie is about a 12-year-old Dre Parker, who is perceived as the most popular kid in Detroit, but her mother is moved to china for career reasons. Dre immediately falls for a girl by the name Mei Ying - and the feeling is mutual - however cultural differences make such a friendship unworkable. With the cultural difference widely taking part in Dre school life and he therefore, became friends with a maintenance man Mr. Han, who is behind closed doors a master of kung fu. The relationship develops and Mr. Han teaches Dre that kung fu is more than punches and kicks as Dre had earlier perceived. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment masters the movie in 4K and it is available on Amazon.

#4. Battle Los Angeles
This movie is about the land being invaded by the space aliens that have landed off the shore of LA, after which they begin assassinating every person along the beach. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment masters the movie in 4K and it is available on Amazon.

#5. Glory
This is an interesting piece since it is among one of the finest movies that highlights the American civil war. Further ore it is one of the first film that came to acknowledge the African American contribution in the civil war thus making it recognized around the world. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment masters the movie in 4K and it is available on Amazon.

Part 4. Best 4K Game Provider
Steiger Dynamics
It brings the high end gaming to your home screen, thus enabling you to enjoy at the comfort of your home. You will be able to get one of the best gaming, 3D experience in native 4k or Full HD with the MAVEN on your large screen.

4k games

Part 5. Top 4K Wallpaper Providers
#1. Wallpapers Mania is one website that is dedicated in providing wallpapers for all and they include 4K wallpapers.

4k picture

#2. Interfacelift
This website offers some of the best high-resolution desktop wallpaper that you can ever come across.

#3. Alpha Coders is one website that is dedicated in providing wallpapers for all and they include 4K wallpapers.

#4. Wallpapers-room offers some of the best High-resolution desktop wallpaper from a wide range of themes. This website also offers its users with an awesome collection of high definition 4K Architecture Wallpapers picture, image, and photo among others.

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